We know you have a lot of questions and we have compiled these answers based on what the community asked us. For any unanswered question, you can find a member of our team online on Discord, please be sure to only talk to members highlighted as yellow or blue to avoid getting scammed.

  • What is AMP Platform?
    The AMP Platform is a web application that allows you to create cold wallet masternodes for AMP and other masternode coins, without having to deal with servers, terminals or Linux. This lowers the entry barrier to the masternodes market for non-technical people.
  • How does it work?
    The platform automatically creates and configures the masternode server for you in the background. At certain points you are asked for input that links your wallet to the masternode server.
  • A.M.P for developers
    Developers of masternode cryptocurrencys can get there masternode listed on the A.M.P platform for a listing fee in A.M.P, this way their investors can easly setup masternodes and support their network.
  • A.M.P for investors
    A.M.P platform will be a big support for investors in the masternode world. It will be secure, fast, and extremely easy to setup. Once the developer of a masternode coin has listed on A.M.P platform investors will be able to setup there masternode in 2 minutes.
  • Listing Fees and Masternode Fees
    The listing fee for developers will be around 2500 USD based on realtime exchange prices of A.M.P. This is a set amount of USD. The same for a masternode hodler, this price will be 30 USD per month in A.M.P
  • What makes A.M.P Platform different then other masternode platforms
    A.M.P Allows every masternode cryptocurrency to list on our platform, we dont not decide who gets listed or not. Every developer & investor can request listing as long as the listing fee is payed.
  • What will you do with the listing fees payed ?
    A.M.P will be constantly working on upgrading, improving and maintaining there masternode platform using the fees that are payed by investors and developers to list and run masternodes.
  • How safe is the A.M.P Platform ?
    Your masternode collateral will not be on the A.M.P Platform, it will use a cold wallet setup meaning your currency stays in your own wallet.
  • Can i monitor my masternodes ?
    Yes you will be able to login into our platform and monitor your nodes, in the future we will also add this to the mobile app.